Jul 7

I used to love Alessandro Baricco so much, this is a nice exercise in writting (he uses the same two characters in three different universes where they meet having different ages) but it’s not much more than that, they aren’t excelent stories nor characters nor anything.

I tried to do three different outfits with this color palette but I didn’t like them much. I guess we both failed Baricco.

Jul 7

Love this book, don’t like the cover, part of a colection of Italo Calvino novels. 

Jul 7

Chuck Palahniuck - Stranger Than Fiction (named Human Error in Spanish???). 

I don’t really like the cover and there’s just one story of people wearing animal costumes, and (they’re dogs, not rabbits) but I liked the book.

Jun 3

Have you ever bought a book knowing that you’ll never read it? I guess it’s  the next step when you are a book lover, when you like the book as a container, a thought box but nevertheless a box; binding makes you find books specially interesting for themselves.

This is one of those for me, I bought it second hand for €5 because it has a lot of photos and illustrations printed on matte paper, with round corners and stickers. I like the cover and the colors, and this character Treeson seems like a nice guy, but the stories are too cutesy and I just can’t get myself to read them.

So this outfit basically references it in the earthy colors, but I’m wearing some nice things here: a pencil scarf that my mother-in-law knitted me, and some high-wasited-shorts with golden buttons that I sort of made (I found them on the street and I fixed them and changed the buttons), also a leather jacket from Bershka and a chain harness-necklace.

Jun 2

This is one of the reasons I didn’t update in a long time, I had started and stopped this book countless times in two years but decided to finally finish it. It’s just that Bruno Schulz demands complete attention from you, you need to stop thinking in other things to understand the detailed descriptions he makes because that’s the beauty and I’m almost mad he wasn’t a photographer because he knew how to observe light, like this richness of color: 

"The room was dark and velvety from the royal blue wallpaper with its gold pattern, but even here the echo of the flaming day shimmered brassily on the picture frames, on doorknobs and glided borders, although it came through the filter of the dense greenery of the garden."

Or one perfect description of a sunny day: 

“On Saturday afternoons I used to go for a walk with my mother. From the dusk of the hallway, we stepped at once into the brightness of the day. The passerby, bathed in melting gold, had their eyes half-closed against the glare, as if they were drenched with honey, upper lips were drawn back, exposing the teeth. Everyone in this golden day wore that grimace of heat–as if the sun had forced his worshippers to wear identical masks of gold. The old and the young, women and children, greeted each other with these masks, painted on their faces with thick gold paint; they smiled at each other’s pagan faces–the barbaric smiles of Bacchus.”

Reading Schulz is to enter a dark, dreamy world, like Alice in Wonderland, not the book but the version made by Jan Švankmajer.

So I wore this black, doll-like dress from mango, it has a tulip skirt and a big satin ribbon, the fabric is thick and heavy, with a wallpaper-y pattern;  I’m also wearing an American Apparel neon skirt and a flower in my hair to break with the black the same way the cover is broken by orange feathers.

Jun 1

Locke and Key has a very good story and amazing drawings, and it tackles me with a thing I have always liked: keys.

The whole “limits” thing is my thing, where something starts and something ends, the conscious and unconscious, the opened and the closed. The secret and the told.

And what better representation than locks and keys, and what beauty and misteriousness…like the 713 vault on Harry Potter, and just old keys, like the one that opens something really old that smells like dust and wood in your grandma’s house.

Here in Barcelona, it’s not unusual to find houses that still close with keys like this, and the key I’m wearing in a chain, I found it in a drawer in a nightstand that someone was throwing away, the dress is H&M and the other two are random sweaters I just came to own.

May 29

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thanks! I’ve not updated much recently… I’ll do it soon though!

Mar 28

Marcovaldo is a one of those city people that romanticizes nature, me being daughter of an already urban generation makes me identify with this book because I never had a close relationship with nature while I was growing up (I have just recently “met” a pig for the first time, it has huge!).

Marcovaldo is also a weird archetype of italian fiction: a grown man that hasn’t lost his innocence and gets into trouble for living in a world that’s so different from him, you can easily find this character in other books like Novecento of Alessandro Baricco and more easily in movies like anything Benigni. I find it weird they have such an allure to this kind of characters, this manly innocence.

What I think is fun about recreating covers with clothes is that it forces me to use color palettes that I normally wouldn’t use, like this one with grey, aqua, nude and purple. I wanted to make some sort of peasant-urban outfit so I used a summer cotton dress as a top and a wool skirt I really like but find difficult to use (I am thinking of turning it into a pencil skirt). I also used a scarf because I often have bad hair days.

Mar 27

I don’t call this book one of my favorites often, but I should because it’s perfect. I don’t know how many times I’ve been scared by a book but I couldn’t read this one when I was alone in my house, I’ve been meaning to read it again but I don’t know if I’m ready.

A big part of the book is the transformation of spaces so I cut a pair of leggins that were always too small for me and made some thigh-high socks, I also wanted to represent this labyrithine cover, so I used only monochromatic patterns, you can barely see it on the photo but I wore a gridded hoodie. I also used a little spyglass and a mandala bracelet because they can both be transformed (the spyglass can barely be expanded but there’s a compass in the cover, representing this attempt of orientation in an ever transforming space, so the spyglass is the closest thing I’ve got, also, I should do a gif of the bracelet because it’s actually very clever, it can be twisted and pushed in different ways and take many forms).

As color accents I used red and blue, because these are the colors that are used in the book, the blue to highlight the word “house” and the red to separate the character thoughts from what he’s reading.

Feb 23

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thank you so much fellow book lover!

Feb 23

I love this book, it’s beautiful and I want to read it again but I feel like I have to wait a couple of years to forget it a little bit so I can enjoy it again.

The tights were a gift from my sister, they’re from Calzedonia, the shorts are cut outs from old jeans I found on the street and the shirt is Quechua, bought second-hand for €3. I bought the sweater from zara because I liked the print but it’s awful, for starters its proportions were all weird: I had to cut 5 cm from the back (???) because it constantly slipped from my shoulders but not in a sexy way, it’s also too short, almost like an awful shrug, the buttons are too small so sometimes it unbuttons and I had to re-sew some parts because it was falling apart… *sigh* inditex forever.

I used a book necklace because “The History of Love” is a book within a book, like “The solitaire mystery” of Jostein Gaarder or “Steppenwolf” or “The Never ending story”… thinking about it I guess I really like that because I love all of those books.

Feb 14

I picked up Stigmata by Mattotti & Piersanti from the library because I really liked his gestural drawing, I think he draws it all with a pen nib because there’s a lot of variation in the line but the drawing is very quick. 
I loved the idea of wearing red gloves to represent the stigmata hehe I feel so clever! I love this gloves because they are very light and allow movement but also keep me warm on cold days while I bike to work, also great that I can use them with touchscreens (I guess because it’s leather= dead skin) the rest of the things I wore are very basic except for the skirt that I thought it kinda simulated the line drawing. It is an American Apparel skirt I love because it’s so versatile, I wore it this time as a peplum. 
The sweater and the coat are from zara but I found them on the street, the boots are old adidas, I really like them because they are made from felted recycled plastic and are very confortable.

Feb 12

This skirt is actually a sweater that my mother-in-law knitted but it was super puffy and it made me look like a muppet (still does but at least the volume has been shifted from the top to the bottom) I think it accurately represents the book Toy Land of Louis Bou because of the color, texture (very soft but annoyingly hairy) and its kawaii cotton-candy-ness or something. I usually would have kept makeup simple but I wanted to give a blue accent that ended up making me look drag (not complaining) 

Feb 5
Feb 4

I read Winter Journal a few months ago, Paul Auster came to Barcelona and told us he had decided to publish the book first in Spanish and Catalan and a few months later in English, I don’t like to read translations if they were written in a language I understand so I bought it in Catalan to practice. This book sort of reminded me of The invention of solitude but it’s less sad. 

The denim shirt was suposed to be of my husband but he didn’t like it (he buys things without being entirely sure as opposed to me) it’s a little bit big but I love gradients. Since I don’t have anything yellow to pair it with, I used this brown pencil skirt I found, it’s a little bit small on me, that’s the bad part of not buying your clothes.