Jan 30

 I picked up The laggon by Lili Carré on the library because I liked the cover, it’s a short comic and it has excellent transitions and compositions, I like the way it leaves you not really knowing what is happening but without it feeling incomplete.

I wore this skirt I found, it was a strapless dress but I cut out the top and put an elastic and it’s the most confortable skirt and I love it because I don’t need to iron it (it breaks my heart that my bunny bit it, it has some holes but they are not noticeable). I have always felt witchy in it, the way in floats when you turn or when it’s windy.

The blouse is one of my favorites: I also found it on the street and it’s completely hand made and hand sewn, it was carefully done: the buttons are covered with the fabric and it has two small plastic snap buttons to keep the corners in place; the best part is that the bottom hem has a small metal chain to give it weight (I think it’s something common with window drapes but I had never seen it in clothing).