Mar 28

Marcovaldo is a one of those city people that romanticizes nature, me being daughter of an already urban generation makes me identify with this book because I never had a close relationship with nature while I was growing up (I have just recently “met” a pig for the first time, it has huge!).

Marcovaldo is also a weird archetype of italian fiction: a grown man that hasn’t lost his innocence and gets into trouble for living in a world that’s so different from him, you can easily find this character in other books like Novecento of Alessandro Baricco and more easily in movies like anything Benigni. I find it weird they have such an allure to this kind of characters, this manly innocence.

What I think is fun about recreating covers with clothes is that it forces me to use color palettes that I normally wouldn’t use, like this one with grey, aqua, nude and purple. I wanted to make some sort of peasant-urban outfit so I used a summer cotton dress as a top and a wool skirt I really like but find difficult to use (I am thinking of turning it into a pencil skirt). I also used a scarf because I often have bad hair days.